Eirene Hair Pin

Eirene Hair Pin

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The Eirene Pins are designer hair pins with a pearl in various size. 4 pearls of 6mm and 2 pearls of 12mm. Natural pearls encircle your head as a reference to the opulent ocean and liberated nature. Baroque style hairpins that can finalise an everyday look or can be an elegant headpiece for brides. Set of 6.

How to wear the Eirene pins.
These subtle designer hair clips will suit every occasion, any hairstyle, and all the ambitious women that want to get in touch with their feelings. Create a nonchalant look by making a small braid and adding the hairpins at the end. If you want to use these hairpins as a headpiece for brides, a fish braid or other sophisticated braid will look fashion conscious and above all elegant and feminine.

*Mineral Bride*

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