Lave Hair Pin

Lave Hair Pin


Lave Hair Pins are hairpins inspired by dew drops on petal housing faceted Swarovski . Based on natural shapes of dew drops on petals. These designer hair clips are handmade in the studio to fit a lover of the mysterious nature, a luxury bride, or those who enjoy dancing in the rain. Dance on the edge of mystery.

Using Lave hairpins in your hair.
Precious Swarovski stones will sheen in the sun, enlight in the darkness. To give a luxury touch to your hair. Suitable for exclusive events or parties when wearing you're using the designer hair clips to create an elegant bun. To create a bridal hairstyle, use multiple pins to create a messy hairdo on the back of your head. She is a beautiful appearance but her looks fall into detention by her astonishing soul.

*Naturae Design*

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