Le Hand Barrette

Le Hand Barrette


Straight from the surrealist's hand to your hair, comes our one and only Hand Barrette. Molded and Cast here in NYC with texture literally created by hand - comes most beautiful Dali esque gilded one-of-a kind design, straight out of a painting AND for your hair - and she's functional too.

A conversation piece that can be worn every day. Simply make a pony or bun and wrap this barrette around for a hand to hold your hair everyday.

Our Le Hand Barrette is hand shaped and curved around a Made in France Brevete Barrette which has a spring to curve around a ponytail or top knot.

We like to put our hair in a rubber band first, and then wrap the barrette around the pony, clip, and boom.

Available in 14K Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold.

Made in NYC.

*Epona Valley*

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